What Kind of Habitat does a Hedgehog Need?

By | October 2, 2019

Choosing the right habitat for your hedgehog pet is very important to take care of them properly. Different variety of hedgehog cages and DIY hedgehog habitat designs attracts many pet owners who like to make their hedgehog to comfortably live indoor as safe as possible. It is the suitable time to find the hedgehog habitat appropriate for every hedgehog and make positive changes in your approach to get the hedgehog habitat.

What Kind of Habitat does a Hedgehog Need?

About hedgehogs

A hedgehog is a small mammal with a body which is low to the ground and short limbs. The main characteristic of this pet animal is its thousands of stiff and sharp spines sharper and harder than those of a porcupine. The back and sides of this animal are covered with such sharp and stiff spines.  The overall appearance of this animal in its side or back is similar to a pincushion filled with needles. As a beginner to the hedgehog cage collection, you have to focus on everything associated with every cage in detail and get an overview about benefits and drawbacks of top hedgehog cages.

A hedgehog is a tiny creature which makes an unpopular choice for the household pet. If you seek a good alternative to the usual pet animals like cats and dogs, then you can prefer the hedgehog. This is because this nocturnal creature is less maintenance pet and suitable for those who do not have enough time as well as efforts to spare. An outstanding habitat is one of the most important things required for hedgehogs to live indoors in the safe and comfortable way. You have to understand this fact and make an informed decision about how to choose and order the hedgehog cage from the comfort of your place at any convenient time.

How to buy the quality hedgehog cages through online

What Kind of Habitat does a Hedgehog Need?

There are loads of categories of hedgehog cages obtainable on the market. Once you have decided to find the appropriate hedgehog habitat recommended by pet care experts, you can focus on the main categories of hedgehog cages at first. You can take note of the basics, benefits and drawbacks of the wire cages, pans and aquariums as comprehensive as possible. You will get enough guidance and ensure about the easiest method to find and purchase the suitable hedgehog cage.

The wire cage has a solid bottom made of plastic and other materials. However, top and side parts of this cage are made of wire. This cage provides the highest possible ventilation. Wires use the strong materials and ensure the durable nature of the cage. The pans are usually made of plastic and metal materials. The plastic material is preferred by hedgehog fans as this material is lightweight and does not rust and conduct heat.

Aquarium is a good alternative to the classical cage. A glass aquarium is suggested by hedgehog experts. The minimum size of the aquarium must be 20 gallons so as to hedgehog gets plenty of space to move inside it. This pet habitat is not popular as pans or wire cages. This is because this material is difficult to clean, expensive and heavy.

The best habitat for your hedgehog

What Kind of Habitat does a Hedgehog Need?

Hedgehogs are available in different habitats in wild. However, pet owners who think about the hedgehog cage nowadays get confused with loads of habitat options. They have to be conscious about how to be successful in their approach to pick and purchase the suitable cage. Hedgehogs are known by their interesting behaviours like burrowing and nudging items with the pointed snouts. These pet animals are mimicked in captivity and recognized for their nature to provide entertainment for their owners. If you wish to make this pet comfortable and safe inside the cage, then you require buying the appropriate pet cage after an in-depth analysis of various things.

A hedgehog is an active creature and requiring a huge amount of space. Every pet owner with a desire to take care of their hedgehog at all times must focus on how they choose and invest in the hedgehog habitat as expected. A large size of the hedgehog cage is very important to let this pet animal to be free to move and play inside the cage. In general, the hedgehog cage can grow up to 8” in length. The standard size of the pet cage is 2×2 or 2×4 feet.

Temperature is another factor to keep in mind while providing the suitable habitat for your hedgehog. The hedgehog has the nature to hold up to 80 degrees heat. If your property does not hold such amount of heat, then you can use the lamps. You must notice that heat or cold affect your hedgehog when their activeness fluctuates. This is advisable to put only one hedgehog in the cage. This is because an anti-social characteristic of the hedgehog. Two hedgehogs in the same cage do not fail to hurt each other.

Consider important things

What Kind of Habitat does a Hedgehog Need?

Easy-to-understand details regarding the hedgehog habitat give you the absolute guidance and encourage you to enhance your approach for the hedgehog cage selection and shopping. If you are aware of the overall size of your pet and its maximum size when it is fully grown up, then you can decide on the size of the cage for your pet animal. Bar spacing plays a vital role behind the overall comfort of the hedgehog as it has tiny feet. You can prefer a 1” or less bar spacing so as to avoid the hedgehog from escaping.

The base of the hedgehog cage made of plastic provides different benefits to the pet and pet owner. For example, the plastic material provides the highest possible comfy feeling on hedgehogs. Pet owners can easily maintain the cage’s base made of plastic material. The plastic material is more durable than metal because the metal got rust after a long period of use. A hedgehog is sensitive in smelling unpleasant smells such as urine. You can choose and purchase the hedgehog cage with a wire at the top to serve as good ventilation for the pet.

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