How Much Water do Guinea Pigs Drink?

By | September 13, 2019

How Much Water do Guinea Pigs Drink?

Definitely, water is a most essential part of the guinea pigs life cycle and must be replaced every day to make sure there is no dirt and bacteria. The water must be clean and without any contamination for their better life. Also, you should not require supplementing their water with any minerals or vitamins, if the food you are giving contains sufficient vitamin C. If you want to provide the fresh and enough water to your pet, you can choose the best guinea pig water bottle and allow it to drink daily. Every day, you should change the water and simply topping it. Also, you allow monitoring how much water your pet is drinking. If any variations in their intake, you can specify a primary medical condition. Before re-filling, you should clean the water bottle completely on a routine basis.

How does guinea pig drink water?

How Much Water do Guinea Pigs Drink?

Normally, the guinea pigs drink through a plastic water bottle with the metal non-drip mouth piece. It is also linked to an exterior of a cage with the flexible metal fastener. However, these plastic water bottles are degrading over time, so you must replace their bottle every year and ensure that they are obtaining the top quality care. They always require a consistent supply of water to drink, so you do not restrict their water in any way. During the warmer days, they will drink more water than the colder days. Furthermore, it also depends upon the food that they are eating. If they are consuming more water based food, they might not drink a lot.

Can guinea pigs drink water out of a bowl?

How Much Water do Guinea Pigs Drink?

The guinea pigs can normally drink water from a bowl, but it is not much hygienic; because it can become dirty with feces and urine. You must always make sure that you have a right water bottle feeder for your pet, so that they have contact to clean the water habitually. Moreover, you can also provide them chill water, but it must not be too cool. It is better to get directly from the cold tap. On the other hand, you must never leave your pet without giving water. Of course, it is a most important part of their diet and without giving it they will become dehydrated and sick as quickly as possible.

Guinea pig water bottles- A must-have guinea pig supply

How Much Water do Guinea Pigs Drink?

When you are buying the guinea pig supplies, the water dish is seamlessly suitable for a dog. The best guinea pig water bottles are must have supply to your pet. When you are choosing the guinea pig supplies, you will be advised to stop using the water dishes or water bowls and instead ensemble your coop with the top quality water bottle. When you feed water, a bowl is not suitable for providing water to your pigs and still it is handy item to have. However, it is always the best idea to put a bulk, small dish or bowl straightforwardly beneath the end of a sipper tube to hook the extra water. If you watch your guinea pigs drink from their water bottle, you will always observe that they do not mildly beat a ball posture end of a sipper tube.

When you are shopping for the best guinea pig supplies, you can always be sure to choose the top quality water bottle to minimize the possibility of leaking. Of course, the water bottles sometimes do leak rarely. If you discover a wet area forming under your pet’s water bottle, initially, you have to suspect the drinking technique of your guinea pig. You can also be sure that the bowl is sturdy and weighty, when your pigs will most likely position on it to drink. Right now, these water bottles are available in many various styles with a wide range of features. So, you can pick the best guinea pig water bottles that suits your pet needs. If you are keeping the guinea pigs, the clean and fresh water has to be offered permanently.


Therefore, the dirt-free tap water is essential for your guinea pig. The pet owner needs to change the water on a regular basis and also your need to wash their cage properly.

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