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Can You Use Regular Light Bulb For A Bearded Dragon?

Normal bulbs can be used for the bearded dragons. The bulbs that we use in our households are a little yellowish, but if you are using the whitish light bulbs, they can be a better choice for the bearded dragons. Best uvb lights for bearded dragon can be found on online websites if you are… Read More »

What Kind of Habitat does a Hedgehog Need?

Choosing the right habitat for your hedgehog pet is very important to take care of them properly. Different variety of hedgehog cages and DIY hedgehog habitat designs attracts many pet owners who like to make their hedgehog to comfortably live indoor as safe as possible. It is the suitable time to find the hedgehog habitat… Read More »

How Much Water do Guinea Pigs Drink?

Definitely, water is a most essential part of the guinea pigs life cycle and must be replaced every day to make sure there is no dirt and bacteria. The water must be clean and without any contamination for their better life. Also, you should not require supplementing their water with any minerals or vitamins, if… Read More »