Can You Use Regular Light Bulb For A Bearded Dragon?

By | October 19, 2020

Normal bulbs can be used for the bearded dragons. The bulbs that we use in our households are a little yellowish, but if you are using the whitish light bulbs, they can be a better choice for the bearded dragons. Best uvb lights for bearded dragon can be found on online websites if you are keen on buying them.Can You Use Regular Light Bulb For A Bearded Dragon

 Standard lights that we use can’t provide the heat that UVB lights provide. Basking bulbs have the nature of being incandescent, and they add extra warmth to the environment that can’t possibly be provided by any normal household bulb. Still, they can be used as a substitute for the time being. 

Taking care of a bearded dragon is not something that is in our common sense, like taking care of dogs and cats. Bearded dragons have specific needs, and requirements of lighting, temperature, and their dietary needs are also something that one should know before owning a bearded dragon.

Why so many people keep bearded dragons as their pets?

If you compare bearded dragons to other reptiles like snakes, they are less lethal and are really easy to take care of. 

As long as they are happy in their hot temperature and they are getting their diet on time, getting enough space to have their movements, and they are cleaned on a daily basis, they will present you with fewer complications.Can You Use Regular Light Bulb For A Bearded Dragon

Other reasons that people prefer bearded dragons are:

  • They are scaly and colored creatures that look really cute, and they are adorable because they live silently without creating any hazards.
  • It is really easy to have an interaction with them because their sleeping time is the same as humans, and it makes it easy to interact with.
  • They are very submissive in nature; they can handle themselves and do as their owner says. This makes it easier for people to handle them, and kids can also easily handle them.
  • Giving them food is also easy. They are never picky about what they will eat and what they will not because they can eat a lot of different things.
  • Their habitat doesn’t cover much space, so they are easy to keep, mostly even for small houses. They are not lethal, so kids can also be around them, and they will not get hurt at all.
  • They are easy to bond with because they recognize their owners’ voices, and their lifespan is also long, which makes the owner and these bearded dragons.
  • You provide them the best Uvb lights for bearded dragons, and there is not much of a thing that you need to do for them, so they are really inexpensive.
  • Bearded dragons rarely need any medical treatments, so it’s not mandatory to spend a lot on that too.

Why do bearded dragons need UVB?

First, we need to need to know the difference between UVB and UVA. Both the lights are essential because lizards need both the lights for their optimal survival. If they are not getting the suggested amounts of UVA and UVB, it can affect their health.Can You Use Regular Light Bulb For A Bearded Dragon

So UVA is the visible light, and it helps your reptile, in this case, your bearded dragon, in stimulating its appetite. Having a healthy appetite is vital, and your beardie needs it. The UVA helps improve the sleep cycle because it provides the optimal heat, which can indeed help in improving mood. 

UVB light is essential if you want your bearded dragon to have better bone health, and you can get that from the best Uvb lights for bearded dragon.

These are the main reasons your pet bearded dragon needs both UVA and UVB lights:

Gives a boost to their metabolism

No matter what is the age of your bearded dragon, if they are provided proper UVB and UVA lights, they have an improved and healthy metabolism. Reptiles are creatures who need these lights no matter what because it is according to their natural habitat.

For absorption of calcium

UVB light, also known as short wave ultraviolet B, helps in the synthesis of Vitamin D3, which is found initially in calcium. UVB light is an invisible source of light radiated with Vitamin D3 that helps the bearded dragon trigger the absorption.

Keeps bones healthy

When there is a sufficient amount of UVB, they get proper Vitamin D3, which helps in making the skeletal system of bearded dragon strong and healthy. If there will be an adequate amount of vitamin D3, then dragons will not suffer from any weakness in their bones, and their bones will not get brittle at all. This will keep them energetic and away from being lethargic.

Is turning the UVB light off at night time mandatory?

There is no such specific need or keeping the UVA and UVB lights turned on at night time. There is no proper need to keep giving them the heating light at night, so you can surely turn it off at night.

You need to keep the light turned on during the day because if your bearded dragon gets cold, he/ she will lose their appetite. The appetite can decrease, and it can also be lost totally. The lifespan of a lizard depends a lot on the light it is getting at the proper temperature. 

The main thing you need to take care of is that their night light should be turned on for about an hour after you feed them at night. The night light is important after their dinner because they can digest their food correctly, and there would be no issues regarding their diet.

Suppose you don’t turn the light on even in the day and are not getting the proper amount. In that case, they will experience serious health issues because the absorption of calcium will not be able to happen properly, which can also lead to brittleness in their bone structure.

The final words

You can use the regular bulbs for your bearded dragons, but the best Uvb lights for bearded dragon will help them gain more than the regular ones because they are specifically made to make their habitat easier.

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